Exciting Camp Activities at Dare Adventures

Get ready to inspire, challenge and entertain your students with our wide range of exciting camp activities! At Dare Adventures, we believe in learning through play and exploration, which is why our activities are designed to be as educational as they are fun. From team-building exercises to outdoor survival skills, we’ve got it all. Discover the adventures that await at our Dwellingup bushland camp.

Flying Fox

Over 50,000 children have life-long memories at Dare Adventure Camps!

Flying Fox

Our Flying Fox activity is a thrilling experience that encourages even the quietest campers to step out of their comfort zone. In addition to promoting confidence, this activity helps campers work together to optimize the number of turns they can take within a set timeframe, fostering teamwork and camaraderie.

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Give your campers the thrill of a lifetime with our abseiling activity. Even beginners can take the leap, under the expert supervision of our experienced instructors. Abseiling is an excellent activity for enhancing personal and team confidence, coordination, and challenge acceptance.

Rock Climbing

Our rock climbing activity, offered alongside abseiling or crate climbing, is perfect for campers of all skill levels. This activity enhances strength, balance, flexibility, coordination, and many more skills.

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Crate Climb

Crate Climb is an excellent activity for younger campers. This fun-filled challenge promotes positive communication, teamwork, emotional management, confidence, goal setting, decision making, conflict management, and social interaction.

Archery / Archery Tag

Our Archery and Archery Tag activities offer campers the chance to participate in friendly competition while learning team building skills. This activity aids in the development of risk management, hand-eye coordination, bow control, and shooting stance.

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Dare Adventures Canoing


Our kayaking activity is perfect for campers who love the water. This activity fosters team cooperation, leadership, water safety, conflict management, environmental awareness, and communication skills.

Commando Course

Challenge your campers with our thrilling Commando Course. This obstacle course tests balance, fitness, confidence, and coordination, and leaves campers with a sense of achievement.

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Dare Adventures Dwellingup Bike Course

Mountain Bike Riding

Explore the local area with our Mountain Bike Riding activity. This physical challenge promotes communication, environmental appreciation, off-road terrain techniques, and risk management.


Orienteering is a great group activity that enhances communication, decision-making, and self-management skills. Campers will learn basic pacing and compass reading before engaging in an exploration game.

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Team Building Games

Our innovative Team Building Games foster leadership, communication, trust, cooperation, and decision-making skills among campers.

Raft Building

Raft Building is an intellectually stimulating activity that promotes teamwork, problem-solving, positive behaviour, good listening and communication skills, and responsible water safety.

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Dare Adventures Adventure Course Walking The Planks

Bush Walking

Expose your campers to the natural beauty of the state forest with our Bush Walking activity. This activity fosters environmental awareness, teamwork, leadership, and partnership skills.

Experience These Activities At Your Camp!

To include these activities in your camp schedule, please reach out to our friendly team at Dare Adventures. We’re here to help create the best camp experience for your group! Get in touch today to get a quote.