Splatball Perth

Splatball is basically paintball for kids. It’s safer and better suited for younger groups or for people who are scared to try traditional paintball.

Perth splat ball is a great fun activity that builds team spirit, encourages confidence and leadership skills and is suitable for all fitness levels and skills. Popular for birthday parties, end of season sports team windups or just a fun day out with a group of friends.

Players must be 8 years old or above to play Splatball.

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Dare Splatball. A Truly Exhilarating Group Activity

Splatball is an ideal activity for kids sporting clubs, youth groups, or just a great fun day out with family and friends. Splatball promotes team building and leadership skills in a challenging and engaging environment as each side tries to outwit their opponents and secure victory for the team through a variety of strategies.


Splatball Pricing

1.5hour sessions: $45 per person with unlimited ammo.

Suitable for younger groups, ages 8-16 years or for adults who are hesitant to try traditional paintball.

Kids Splatball Party