Outdoor Adventure Activities

Flying Fox

Flying through the air at speed is loads of fun. In this activity, adventurers have a number of turns on our custom built flying fox traversing across a distance of approximately 80 meters. To allow as many turns as possible in the time-frame the groups on the ground work together to assist participants with dismounting and returning the line for the next attempt.


Effective teamwork
Accepting & embracing challenges
Strengths & weaknesses
Confidence building
Group cooperation
Celebrating achievements


Novice adventurers can experience the adrenalin rush of overhang abseiling on a 10m artificial wall.

With a focus on your safety our qualified instructor will take you through a practical session on level ground instructing on:

Fitting abseiling gear
Correct use of roping equipment
Basic skills & techniques

Abseiling can give you a fabulous sense of achievement while developing skills in:

Personal confidence
Accepting challenge
Hand & body coordination
Good safety techniques

Rock Climbing

Run alongside abseiling or crate climbing, adventurers can explore the rewarding and challenging experience of vertical climbing on our artificial rock wall going as high as they choose. Guidance is given on manoeuvres and correct climbing techniques which will assist your climb. Younger students can practice on the smaller wall while the more experienced can accept the challenge of our 10 metre rock wall.

This is a great activity for body coordination, improving balance, flexibility and strength while learning and demonstrating the safety skills required for outdoor rock climbing.


Control & coordination
Clear communication & listening skills
Personal commitment to goals
Building trust between climber & belay
Exploration of stresses & emotions
Nurturing relationships
Support & encouragement of others

Crate Climb

Designed for groups too young to abseil, Crate Climb adventurers build towers out of crates, so that they can safely climb the crates to reach the top of the abseil wall or as high as they would like to venture.

Only one person climbs the structure at a time supported and encouraged to reach the goal by the team, who are also monitoring and stabilizing the structure. This activity builds a firm foundation for youngsters to help them achieve the bigger challenges in life while reinforcing the basic rules of safety in a game environment.


Working together as a team
Good communication skills
Understanding & managing emotions
Social interaction
Setting Goals
Planning, reviewing & monitoring
Decision making
Preventing & managing conflict


Compete in a friendly competition and team building game on the archery course.

Adventurers are taught the safety aspects and basic skills of archery. These new skills are then put into practice with small groups shooting at targets which are set at a range of distances and followed by a little friendly competition in teams.

As well as being a fun activity Archery will develop many aspects of self-management both as an individual and team player. Experience archery in a safe and supervised environment; be educated on the basic rules and protocols of this challenging sport while developing:

Control of the bow
Hand eye coordination
Effective shooting stances
Risk management techniques


Adventurers will be driven from Dare Adventures down to the Murray River to learn and practice the basic skills involved in kayaking. Exploring:

Leadership & partnership roles
Water safety skills & environment awareness
Conflict management
Efficient communication
Cooperation within a partnership

Participants will enjoy a leisurely paddle up and down the river and develop their new skills in a number of balancing games and obstacle races.

Working as a team in the water environment budding kayakist will gain knowledge of:

Balance and stability requirements
Synchronisation techniques
Effective paddling skills
Workload sharing
Responsible actions

Confidence Course

Are you ready to tackle the challenges? The obstacle course takes you around the camp through our mud pit and dam which will fill each participant with a great sense of accomplishment as each goal is reached.

Our confidence course will tax adventurers as they take on the eleven obstacles testing:


Mountain Bike Riding

Adventurers will explore a variety of terrains on their 8 km bike-ride through state forest around Dwellingup, visiting area’s that were once destroyed by the 1961 fires. A stop-over in town at the Visitors Centre will give them an overview of the local timber mill industry and educate them on the effects of bushfires before heading back to camp.

Through this excursion participants will learn to understand their body’s response to physical activity and how to become a healthy and safe mountain bike rider.


Support & encouragement of team
Communication skills
Risk management
Techniques for off-road terrain
Environment appreciation
Meeting physical challenges

After learning the basic skills of pacing and compass reading, adventurers form groups to test their new skills in an exploration game. Teams locate codes and objects in a given time frame searching the surrounding bush of the camp property. To be an effective team, members learn to display skills in:
Effective communication
Decision making

Team Building Games

With a focus on working as a team these games have been developed to augment life skills to assist in problem solving. Campers compete in a variety of team building activities designed to stimulate thinking beyond the box. These brain teasers support the building of a positive working environment initiating:

Trust & communication
Group effort & cooperation
Facilitating & decision making
Leadership & partnerships

Raft Building

Working as a team, adventurers will design and build a raft from simple materials that can accommodate their group for a paddle around the dam. Enhancing skills in rope tying and designs that work the participants will cover many aspects of team building while planning, creating and assessing their creation.


Positive behavior
Efficient teamwork
Problem solving
Effective listening & communication
Responsible water safety

Bush Walk

A 2km walk through the state forest surrounding the camp introduces campers to the many aspects of our local flora and fauna. During the bush activity, walkers will be shown native species of plants grown in their natural habitat and used for medicines and bush tucker by the indigenous Australians, introduced to history of the timber industry, and will participate in building a bush cubby from materials found on the forest floor.

These activities strengthen:

Environment awareness
Leadership and partnership roles

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