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Helping Teacher’s Nurture a Child’s Resilience

We are all aware of the importance that nurturing children’s resilience brings to their world and how instrumental it is in assisting strong social development and promoting healthy mental well being.

What has this to do with a DARE school camp you may ask?

Consider the quick growth and relationship building that can be easily developed in a fun educational bush camp setting away from the normal classroom environment where team building, resilience, setbacks and perseverance are all explored and encouraged.

A school camp at DARE offers our young ones the opportunity to try new things while facing challenges and developing social skills with measurable results in fostering independence and building character.

Some of the simplest activities at a school camp encourage response, engagement and adapting to a new environment. These life skills are influential in the growth of healthy resilient children as they learn to embrace changes and face fresh challenges.

As adults some of our more memorable school moments are associated with hands-on fun learning and friendships developed at school camps. More often than not we rarely realise the important life skills being learnt and our growth as individuals from these adventures.

At DARE our friendly instructors are trained to bring about the best results in resilient growth while encouraging the kids to take a step outside their comfort zone while building respect and acknowledgment of their own safety and others.

We’d love you to get in touch with us so we will tailor the perfect package for your students.

Hope to see you all soon!

Clayton and Lauren Fredericks


Dare believes in school camps and wants to make it possible for everyone to attend camp.

We are excited to introduce our Camper Sponsorships Program for students that may find it hard to afford to come to camp with their classmates.

2019 Sponsorship applications will be completed by the school and Dare will select and notify the winners by 15th December 2018.

Maximum of 2 camper sponsorships per school.

2019 Camper Sponsorship Applications close 30th November 2018.

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